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Our Mission?

To make lives better through education.


An innovative Philippine business institution, PHINMA always looks for ways to help Filipinos attain better lives. In 2004, they realized that investing in education was key to fully accomplishing their mission.

Overall enrollment figures in the country have always been high. Despite this, attrition rates remained high and consistent. Out of four students who enter first grade, only one will go on to finish a tertiary degree. Learning about these statistics led PHINMA’s leaders to realize that they could fulfill their mission by helping improve the country’s state of education. With this in mind, they entered the education field to introduce reforms and innovations. In 2004, PHINMA Education was born.

Horizon Education Timeline

PHINMA Education Timeline

Values to Live and Work by

PHINMA Education emphasizes dedication, honesty, credibility, and consistency in words and actions recognizing professional and social responsibility for our students toward a better quality of life.

Our words carry weight. We call you when we say we will. We show up on time. We show up on time. When we say “Good job!” or “Needs improvement,” we mean it. We vote for the better, though perhaps less popular, candidate or stance. We plant trees because we value the environment. We teach because we value you.

PHINMA Education seeks a high degree of professionalism and adheres to accepted standards and norms; personal interest must be separated from professional life so that observance to the tenets of good conduct, like calmness and patience must prevail in all situations.

We show decorum in our manner, dress, and speech. We set our sights on excellence. We work with strangers, friends and foes for every project’s best interests. We leave our heartbreaks and our hobbies at home. Under pressure, we keep our cool. No shortcuts, no excuses, just results.

PHINMA Education puts value in competence and looks upon an individual’s qualification eventually translating into the ability to perform tasks and deliver desired results.​

We train to high levels of proficiency. Our knowledge ranges from good grammar to jurisprudence, our abilities from handling syringes to running software. We understand the job expected of us, and we accomplish it with skill. We qualify.

PHINMA Education believes that teamwork is essential in building an efficient and effective organization through the cooperation and coordination of its members.

We bring our varied talents onto the court. We zoom in on one goal. We toss ideas around and form our strategy. We move into position to execute the plan. We give each other feedback, information, challenge, and praise. Together, we take credit for victory; together, we own up to defeat. Together, we aim for the target.

PHINMA Education is committed to the holistic development of our students by providing quality and affordable education. Employees perform tasks with passion and adhere to the mission and vision of the Network.​

We take the Network’s mission to heart. We pledge our hours and our energy to fulfilling our vision of a better life. We say “I do” to the call of service, in crisis and in victory, in sunny days or wet, through plans and execution. We see you through to the end.

PHINMA Education believes that nothing in this world is permanent except change. Education continually faces new ideas, challenges, and directions, so the academe must be flexible and adaptive to the needs of the market and the dictates of time.

We accept that change governs life. We see it as a track to growth. We harness it as an opportunity to create. When we encounter hurdles, we breed new ideas. We let go of cherished expectations. We ride exuberantly into undiscovered territory.

PHINMA Education work underscores love of country and our people; furthermore, is committed to the development of the nation and seeing all Filipinos attain a better quality of life.

We take pride in our country, its people, and its accomplishments regardless of our condition. We follow the laws of the land. We are willing to sacrifice for the greater good. We protect our trees, our rivers and air, and keep our surroundings and that of our neighbors clean and orderly. We serve.








More Reasons To Choose Us




For more than a decade, PHINMA built its reputation on transforming existing educational institutions to better serve Filipino students. PHINMA Education begins this process by strategically selecting a school from a key growth area and thoroughly transforming its academics, operations, and student community in order to ensure success for Filipino youth coming from low-income families.

What was once an initial venture with Araullo University in Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija a little over a decade ago, has become a network of schools composed of six secondary and tertiary educational institutions, including Araullo University, Cagayan de Oro College, University of Pangasinan, University of Iloilo, and Southwestern University. Its latest school, St. Jude College of Manila, is it's first foray based in Metro Manila.




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PHINMA Education is committed to serving the marginal youth in the Philippines through a “bare bones, no frills, brass knuckles” strategy. We keep our tuition fees low and affordable and focus on developing and innovating the most important elements for learning: proper classrooms and facilities, learning techniques and materials, and a great faculty. We do not drive our faculty to publish; instead we demand they teach well. ​

We also utilize the same systems, processes, and staff in an efficient and centralized system of backroom services such as accounting, HR, and IT. Our belief is simple, every peso saved allows us to keep our fees low and our education accessible.

We also offer a 50 percent subsidy to our already-low tuition fees to the most marginalized among the youth, through our Handog Kaibigan Scholarship Program. At present, more than a third of our entire college student population is receiving this scholarship. Through these efforts, we are able to provide accessible, quality education to low-income Filipino youth and make them highly-skilled and employable. Because of its solid reputation, PHINMA education was able to grow enrolment numbers exponentially. Enrolment figures have grown from 6,000 in 2004 to more than 60,000 in 2018. ​

Most importantly, PHINMA was able to make students feel more valuable by equipping them with the necessary professional skills and attitudes to succeed and improve their and their families’ standard of living.




Currently, PHINMA Education is managing and operating seven secondary and tertiary schools all over the Philippines and one in Myanmar. Due to the success of its first four schools, PHINMA Education took its mission further by expanding its market and introducing innovations in education through Southwestern University in Cebu.

PHINMA Education also runs PHINMA Training Center in Yangon, Myanmar, thus fulfilling their mission of making lives better through education, not just in the Philippines, but in Southeast Asia as well.

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