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With a mission to provide accessible, quality education to the most underserved demographics in Indonesia, Horizon Education makes it possible for all Indonesians to become Global Indonesians. It equips students with a competitive edge both locally and internationally through its five key offerings: Active Learning, Industry Partnerships, English-immersive Environment, Industry-related Technology and Strong Core Work Skills.

The school is owned by Yayasan Triputra Persada Horizon Education. It is backed-up by two top Indonesian companies: Triputra Group and Persada Capital Investama. It is also in partnership with PHINMA Education, one of the Philippines’ largest education networks. These key partnerships make it possible for students to receive high quality education and industry experience at accessible tuition costs.

In 2019, the Yayasan acquired STIKES and STMIK Kharisma in Karawang City, West Java. Both schools have since been renamed as STIKES Horizon Karawang and STMIK Horizon Karawang. With its mission of providing accessible quality education, the Yayasan plans to continue expanding in other parts of Indonesia.

Our Schools

As an innovative Indonesian business institution, Horizon Karawang in collaboration with PHINMA Education of the Philippines, believes that access to quality education will help make a stronger Indonesia.

STIKes Horizon Karawang is an education center that trains and educates healthcare professionals, with excellence in handling Emergency, Occupational Health and Safety. Students are taught midwifery and nursing to prepare them for local and international healthcare work.

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STMIK Horizon Karawang offers high-quality information systems and computer technology education that trains students to work in local and international settings. The school provides education in different tech fields through multiple course offerings.

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Values to work and live by

More Reasons to Choose Us

Active Learning

Get hands-on experience that trains you for real-life situations for your future careers.

Accessible Education that Works

We provide quality education with low tuition fees to give every Indonesian the education they deserve.

Industry Partnerships

Learn from key industry partners that give valuable training and the necessary skills you need.

Strong Core Work Skills

We create solid foundations in our students to ensure that they become stand-out employees when they graduate.

Industry Partners

Yayasan Triputra Persada Horizon Education was formed by two respected conglomerates in Indonesia, the Triputra Group and Persada Capital Investama. The companies also provide access to valuable industry experience to the students. The foundation also partners with PHINMA Education, a regional education network with experience of providing high quality education at accessible tuition costs in the Philippines and Myanmar. Through these key partners, Horizon Karawang aims to give quality education to Indonesia’s underserved market of learners.

The Triputra Group is a holding company with business lines in agribusiness, mining, manufacturing and trading & services. As partners with Horizon Karawang, students gain first-hand experience in these fields to gain a competitive edge in the global economy and to make a wider impact locally.

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PT Persada Capital Investama operates as an investment holding company in the sectors of energy and agribusiness. Its partnership with Horizon Karawang allows students to veer into these businesses for future career paths.

PHINMA Education is a regional education network with experience in transforming educational institutions to provide accessible quality education to key growth areas in the Philippines and Myanmar. They aim to produce globally competitive students in Indonesia with Horizon Karawang.

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